Monday: Walkout and Day of Mass Action

Wheeler OccupationThe General Assembly of students, teachers, and community members who are occupying Wheeler Hall as an “Open University” have called for a walkout and a day of mass action, starting at Sather Gate. This is in response to the most recent Regents vote on raising tuition by 27%, part of a much longer pattern of tuition hikes and privatization of the UC system.

The walkout will begin with a rally near Sather Gate at 12 noon on Monday, November 24. There will be teach-outs all morning, so if you would like to participate in that please contact Berkeley unit leadership. After the rally, there will be a march around campus and into downtown Berkeley, where we will visit Berkeley City College and Berkeley High School to converge with the students whose collective future we are fighting for. The march will culminate in a General Assembly, where decisions about subsequent actions will be made.
There will be a UAW 2865 meet-up before the rally at 11:30 at Sather Gate, where we will be making signs and listening to speakers talk about the history of struggles against UC tuition hikes, as well as the participation of our union in those actions. This will be a really good way to connect with fellow GSI’s about what’s happening and talk about what we can do to roll back the privatization of our public university.
You can join the walkout and march, and you can support your undergraduates who decide to do so on Monday afternoon. You can also teach your section outside in solidarity with the action, or you could speak about the UC budget and the effects of tuition hikes with your class. Here are some materials with facts, figures, and context about the history of privatization and tuition hikes.
By showing up, and talking to your friends, colleagues, professors, and students about the dangerous direction in which the UC is headed, we can start to take the future of this university into our own hands.
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