Call-In Week: Demand Rights for Undocumented Students

I Demand UndocsToday (Thursday April 24th) through Thursday May 1st is a WEEK OF CALL-INS TO DEMAND EQUAL ACCESS FOR UNDOCUMENTED STUDENT WORKERS!

While we’ve seen historic movement on some of our contract demands (gender neutral bathrooms and lactation stations), there’s been virtually no movement on the demand for rights for undocumented student workers, despite repeated efforts by the bargaining team.

We need your help to make the university move on this important issue! Call head of labor relations Peter Chester and President Napolitano to say we need equal opportunity for undocumented graduate students

Peter Chester: (510) 987-9919
President Napolitano: (510) 987-9074

You can feel free to say whatever you wish, but if you need help, here is a potential script: We are fighting for equal teaching opportunities for undocumented graduate students. Current University of California policies prohibit undocumented students from being Teaching Assistants, Readers, and Tutors, limiting their ability to pursue higher education and participate in the university community. The UC management has not bargained in a way to actually address our concerns. Such a refusal on the part of the administration promotes an exclusionary model of professionalization and education that marginalizes undocumented undergraduate and graduate students.

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