On Solidarity: Statement from AFSCME 3299 President Kathryn Lybarger

“Solidarity is not a matter of sentiment but a fact, cold and impassive as the granite foundations of a skyscraper.” – Eugene Debs

kathryn photo

Dear UAW 2865:

On behalf of the 22,000 Patient Care and Service workers at the University of California, I must express my profound gratitude for your solidarity in the course of AFSCME 3299’s ongoing contract fight, and specifically for your strike in sympathy with our strike on November 20th.  A strike requires a sacrifice on the part of every worker who walks, and what your members sacrificed in sympathy with our strike is not lost on us, or on UC.

The strike last week was our loud message to UC that their intimidation of our members won’t get them labor peace, and that an environment of fear at UC is unsafe, holds back progress, and can’t be allowed to persist. Last Wednesday we showed UC that, if anything, their fear tactics have made us stronger, and your presence on those picket lines showed UC that we are most definitely not alone. That’s inspiring and powerful, and UC should be nervous.

While the immediate issues of service and patient care workers might differ in some ways from those of graduate student workers, our interests are entirely the same. AFSCME 3299 stands in ready support of your fight with UC, in common struggle, and we look forward to winning a better university with you.

In Solidarity,

Kathryn Lybarger

President, AFSCME 3299

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