Student Workers Take Action for All-Gender Bathrooms on National Coming Out Day


On Friday, October 11th — National Coming Out Day — members of the UC Student Workers Union held a statewide day of action to build support for all-gender bathrooms on our campuses.  At UC Berkeley, 10 members and officers tabled all afternoon on Sproul, asking students to sign petitions in support of all-gender bathrooms and of equal access for undocumented graduate students, distributing stickers, and encouraging passersby to call the Chancellor in support of our all-gender bathrooms campaign.  Over 100 students signed the petitions Friday afternoon, and many called in to the Chancellor’s office.

Currently, there are over 250 campus buildings that do not have even one all-gender bathroom, which means that gender non-conforming, trans, and queer students and workers often are faced with the “choice” of either being late to work or class or of entering gender-specific bathrooms, which are places where they regularly face harassment and even violence.

As part of our broader contract campaign for quality and accessible education, the UC Student Workers Union is fighting for safe workplaces for all UC students and employees, and part of what this means is safe, harassment-free facilities for all members of the campus community.  To support the campaign for all-gender bathrooms, please sign the petition and call Chancellor Dirks (510-642-7464) and ask him to tell UCOP representatives that he is interested in making accessible at UC Berkeley more all gender bathrooms.

(Photo by: Lilith C. Dornhuber de Bellesiles)

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