Day of Action for Public Education — September 17

Please join the rally for public education and the march to the bargaining session of the UC Student-Workers Union (UAW 2865), this Tuesday, September 17, beginning at noon.

At the rally, speakers will address the meaning of Napolitano’s appointment for workers and students, and will talk about how this appointment shows the priorities of those who manage and govern the University: militarization, repression, and financial accumulation; not quality and accessible education.

The rally will be followed by a series of teach-outs on the following topics: financial speculation and student debt; austerity and the privatization of public education; Napolitano, the militarization of the campus and undocumented rights; the US threat to bomb Syria and the Syrian revolution; and the stakes for students and workers of the UC Student-Workers Union’s current contract campaign.

The teach-outs will be followed by a march to the bargaining session between the UC Student-Workers Union and UC management.  Those who come to bargaining, which is open to all, will have the chance to speak about the importance of higher instructor / student ratios and better support for student workers to the quality and accessibility of public education in California.

Here is the schedule of the afternoon:

12-12.30pm: Rally on the Steps of Sproul Hall

– Announcement of a contingent leaving to the Regents meeting to participate in public comment and possible action
– Teach-Outs in front of Sproul

1:30 – 2pm: All the groups reconvene for a common mini presentation and Q&A on the UAW contract negotiation

2 pm: March towards the UAW bargaining session

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