The Link Between Class Size and Access to Education for Undergraduate Students of Color

Huge lecture classTroy Araiza Kokinis, a graduate student in the History Department and third year Teacher Assistant at the UCSD, has issued a statement explaining why minority students suffer most from the effects of increased class size. Kokinis writes:

The confusion held by many ethnic minority first year students as a result of their new foreign environment often comes out in the quality of their course work. Many minority students come from low income communities that do not offer high caliber education as a result of lack of resources due to public education budget cuts by the state. This background requires special attention to be given to many students of minority background who have a different starting line than many of their peers. Personally, I feel especially responsible for helping these students as a TA who has endured many of the same hardships….

….I do not wish to be faced with this dilemma of spending extra time with certain students who truly need the help while surpassing my weekly hour responsibilities. Often times, I just have to tell students that I cannot help them after a certain point.  Sadly, I feel that minority students suffer most from this dynamic, as I already mentioned that many come into the university with weaker academic backgrounds. I find it absurd that the UC continues to expand when it has not succeeded in providing the highest quality of education to the numbers it currently has enrolled.

Read the full Statement on Accessibility

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